Stories coming soon I’m almost finished with the latest story in the Snake Saga. It should be premiering Tommorrow or Wedsday. I’ll also be adding guidelines so that you guys can submit your own stories, so starting thinking about them now! FEN announces Re-bang Date

Family Entertainment Network has announced their new Re-bang date! It’s set for Febuary 14th, Valentine’s day at 10:00am CST! So now you guys can explain to your Girl friends why your playing tradewars instead of spending the day with them!

There will be a meeting in the teleconfrence prior to the bang, to discuss last minute settings. New MBBS Tradewars .DLL

Aparently, a new .DLL has been released for MBBS TW. Acording to Jake, this is a BETA .DLL, and FEN looks like it’s going to be beta testing this version. It looks like this beta >SHOULD< fix the god awfull Fed-com bleed, along with the Caping ships at SD bug. I’m still not certain if this Beta is available to the public. If you know wether it is or isn’t, drop me a line please.

MPB.COM holds “HellWeek”

Miller’s Party Board is holding “HellWeek.” You get 500mil in the bank and 500mil on your person a day until ferrengal is taken. (*shrug*) Also, the moderator is going to be Shark, the Author of TW_ATS.