For some reason, the page never got itself to the server on monday. I didnt have time to test the page since I was in a hurry, so I didn’t notice. Didn’t these updates seem to work a lot smoother under OS/2? 🙁 Ill work extra hard on stuff that needs to get done after the semester is over. I promise. 🙂

Eleq found in Trailer park, Living with Elvis!

Eleq has finally been found, and his page is up again! Yay! His page is now located here. His page is completely redesigned, with new sections. Even if you’ve seen it before, I would suggest seeing it again. Also, Eleq’s baby was Born on the 22nd of November. Congrats!

Keynet Resets

Keynet corp has recently reset it’s game. While there are some top dogs there, there is still a LOT of room for people to start up and make an empire in.