FEN Bans Due to DupesI had my account deleted at FEN for about a month, so I’m sure this is “old” news. But it seems that FEN is no longer allowing it’s trial members to partake in it’s TradeWars 2002 game. The reason behind this is that almost all the dupes used in the game were from trial members. You are now required to be a paying member of FEN to play Tradewars. This is a sad day indeed. 🙁

Home Sweet Home

I’m not finally back at home. Having nothing to do, a lot of things will be getting done around here. Included on this list are:

Main PageMore WebPages added, along with Webmaster’s Picks
Thank you list
A Mirror of Martech’s HTMLized Player Docs
A Bunch of other junk I can’t remember off Hand.

Pir8.net gets cleanup workingPir8.net has finally gotten it’s cleanup working. (About time!) According to Hosem, there will also be new player and Ferrengi ships added to the game soon.