I was sworn not to tell anyone where Mana has been hiding. But…damn those bamboo shoots under the nails start to hurt after awhile! So I am here to tell you that Mana is off at Tradewar University taking a remedial course in port trading! He flunked out the first week for not haggling but now I have word that he is 5th in his class out of a class of five! Way to Go Mana! Hurry back and share your expertise with all of us!

NOW…let’s see what else is brewing around the TW Universe…
Hekate has a job posting in Egroups. I have looked over her classified and the benefits are outstanding. That corporation sure knows how to take care of it’s own. I believe the new uniforms she ordered are quite striking also!

For those of you out there who don’t know Eleq is trading in his bachlorhood on August 12th. He will be marrying the very beautiful Monica…boy did he get the better end of that deal.. J/K…Much happiness to you both.

WTC is still going…like that energizer bunny…hope someone kills that bunny soon!

BOTE is pretty much dominated by the BAD BAD PEOPLE! Then of course Bad People usually do dominate…

Over in the Timberland we believe the 52nd game of the week has been rebanged at the Den! There is surely something for everyone over there.

I will be posting for a while…until Mana graduates from port trading class.