I should have hit some of these when they first appeared, but alas, I can’t keep up with news much anymore…but here goes..

First of all, TW Gazette is now back online and being updated! Congrats to Timberwolf on bringing his site back into the mix of things!

Second, Planet Tradewars has opened up a new section called the Tradewars Archives – For The Learnaholics!! Definitely a site to check out for TW information and something to look forward to in the future as new information is added!

Last, but definitely not least, in response to the TW Archives going online, Pagan has created a learning center for TW as well at the Stardock Omega web site! More good information to check into as well as player and sysop interviews!

It’s good to see TW sites still going strong, as well as new ones popping up to keep the game alive as well as “open the pipe” to the flow of TW information that is out there!

Good luck to all of you!