EleqTrizi’T is a damn genius. Check out the splash page over at the Home Sector. It’s not often that people come up with good ones like that. That’s almost as good as his “The Home Sector is better than porno” graphics he had up in the past. Good job Eleq!HHT team to sign up was forced to drop out because of the 6 people per team rule. Soul/Hell Razor dropped from the team making it 5 people. No word on a replacement as of yet.

Silver Wings *may* be shutting down in the near future (that doesn’t mean they are!). More information about that on their site.

**TW League Update**
The voting process has now begun!! You can check out nominee interviews here at TRADEWARS.WS or at the TW League web site. Only members of the league may vote for the new board member and all votes must be in by Midnight EST on Thursday, October 19th! Send all votes to lithe@twleague.com. May the best candidate win!