Viva Las Vegas! The TW2002 Convention officially begins tomorrow! A couple of people are heading out today and it should be a fun time! Those of you that missed out (including me) are going to miss a fun time. Don’t fret! Just start planning now for next year’s convention to be held in Virginia Beach, Va. in the beginning of October! If you get your rooms and tickets now things will be REAL cheap!Silver Wings is going to stay alive. I think the fighting finally died down in the TradeWarriors group and things seem to be going a little smoother now. The only thing that made me stay in that group were the female TWarriors and their talk about leather and whips <G>.

TW League Update
The voting process ends tonight at midnight! Get your votes in now if you haven’t already! You can check out nominee interviews here at TRADEWARS.WS or at the TW League web site. Only members of the league may vote for the new board member. Send all votes to May the best candidate win!