Timberwolf has gotten a new domain name for his site. The TW Gazette can now be reached at https://www.twgazette.com! It seems that Timber has an ongoing Trade Wars soap opera…check out the site to see who the first lucky group is!Silver Wings has also received their own domain name…they will be reached at https://www.silverwingstwgs.com within the next day or so.

Viva Las Vegas! The TW2002 Convention officially begins today! I want a postcard! Speedy told me he will send me one…I guess he’s my only friend <sniff>.

TW League Update (https://www.twleague.com)
The voting process for the new league board member has finally ENDED!!!
Congratulations to Guardian for being the winner! Macahan came in 2nd, Space Ghost 3rd, and Dark Helmet was 4th. The League may be adding two new board positions in the future, but that has yet to be decided. More information on that and more as it comes in on the wire!

A new league game will begin on the last Saturday of this month (Oct. 28th). HHT will be starting soon after this and the league game will probably lack in players a little bit. If you’re down on the bottom the rankings along with me (I have good reasons for that), then this might be your chance to gain a few more points to catch up! Send registrations for the next game to lithe@twleague.com.