People are finally coming back from the first annual Trade Wars 2002 Convention held in Las Vegas! Everyone has said that it was a good time and now I really regret that I missed it :(. Oh well next year will be a different story…I *will* see all of you in Virginia Beach next October!For those of you that haven’t checked out the “Days of our Silver Wings” soap opera over at the TW Gazette site, now’s a good time! It’s Timberwolf’s rendition of everything that happened in the TW2002 eGroup over the weekend. Word has it that he will be doing more as well in the near future!

TW League Update (
A new league game will begin this Saturday (Oct. 28th). Send registrations for the next game to The server has yet to be announced…as soon as it is, TRADEWARS.WS viewers will be among the first to know!