Due to a game bug (or possible corruption), I have temporarily taken the WTC offline.

Waiting for the official word from EIS before I go ahead and do anything…

Basically, here’s the situation…whenever someone is hitting a sector fig that does not belong to them, they are being booted to the main TWGS menu. This problem has happened before…both on a server I used to gameop at and also at the Stardock when I was a sysop there.

I’ll wait to see what the verdict is on how to fix it…if there’s any possible way to fix it without a rebang, I’ll go that route…if it comes to a rebang, then I’ll give a couple days break then start the game again. No new registrations will be accepted if this is the case. Rebang will be the absolute last resort.

Also, if we do not have to rebang, I will give good notice before the game comes back up.

Just so everyone knows of the situation…this will be posted in the various forums, the Home Sector, and the WTC site.

Sorry about this, but these things happen. 🙁