It seems we had troubles with account sharing OR an account hack; Either way, server rules were broken and the game thrown completely out of whack. When I checked the game Friday afternoon, Corporation [5] was ahead of the pack by far and will be declared the winners. Please read on…

Now had this been a normal corp back-stabbing without the account sharing/hacking, the game would still go on. This is a tough decision to make for a sysop, because either way, someone in the game will be unhappy.

Fred Wreck’s will be rebanged, with the current settings early this week. I may or may not decide to bring in the extra 6, more powerful ships after one week instead of two. I’ll decide when the time comes for the game to rebang.

If anyone feels the need to complain and/or talk about this, please e-mail *me* and not Eleq. I made the decision. Sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused anyone.