Stardock BBS will be rebanging two of its current games and banging two *NEW* games this Friday!The Apocalypse and Lil’Funky games will be rebanged using their current edits (as requested by many players).

One of the two new games will be dubbed “Red Alert” which will contain lots of ships edits, low turns (650) and low sectors (5k). All original planets will have citadel construction times cut in HALF and there will also be a new planet (Jungle).

The second new game will be an “Unlimited Dupes” game. The game will contain low turns, low sectors, and a few ship & planet edits. You must use option “D” from the main BBS menu in order to access dupes for this game!

The “Riot” game has closed and will be ending, along with the current “Duper’s Delight” game. –=Nav Haz Unltd.=– has won both of the past “Riot” games and they have been added to the Game Champions! page on the site. Once winners are decided for the other games they will be placed there as well!

e-mail me with any questions and/or suggestions. Enjoy!!