Mana Knight stated it well, “Will someone’s house burn down please?”There’s been a horrid lack of news as of late and that could be both good and bad.

A lot of things are being posted over at the EIS Forums as of late, it’s quite the happenin’ place right now.

We’ve seen the reappearance of the infamous “Word of the Day” over at

Prestone was eliminated from USO last night, taking a partial load off of my mind for that game…and the night before saw the majority of “Half-Baked” removed from the game as well. It’s been a great game so far.

And in an off-topic occurrence, I saw Pantera, Soulfly, Morbid Angel, and Nothingface in concert last night (four of my favorite bands). Got my left arm trampled and can barely use it right now, but other than that it was a good time.