Dear Loyal Users,

For almost two years now, I have been providing a free system for which the Trade Wars community could play. This started out as a hobby on my own personal Pentium II computer, but turned serious when I saw the amount of users who appreciated what I was doing. So over time, I have bought more and more powerful computers to make sure I had the resources to keep things quick and enjoyable. The first computer I bought, Premier, cost about $1500 dollars. The second, Retaliator, cost $2000. The BBS computer cost me $700.

Now, thanks to a power surge, I’m being asked to pony up another $700 to replace damaged parts? Wait, let me correct myself… I’m being expected to pony up $700 so my players can play again? To top it off, I’m getting the very sour impression that people are more worried about “losing time” in the USO, or how the incident will affect the USO? I’m getting emails and ICQ’s from people (not all) DEMANDING a definite time table of when they can get back to their games?!?! Excuse me? Imagine the anger I experienced when reading such things after I had just returned from Stockton (150 miles away) with what amounts to a whole new computer, and had managed to recover the user.dat file full of passwords (no easy feat for a linux newbie doing bit-by-bit recovery). Last night, I put Intergate’s website back online, but stopped short of restoring the BBS.

I do appreciate those who have shown some concern, but only two people have bothered to help out with the cost of getting the servers back online, and that is Bruce Davey and Soul. I can’t tell you how many times I get an ICQ saying, “Oh, I’d help with a donation, but…”! Supposedly, I’m supposed to believe that the vast majority of my 1,364 registered unique users are too poor to send even 5 dollars my way.

Of course, this is coming from the same community of people that believe that TW servers are SUPPOSED to be free, and lambast any person who dares try and charge their users a dime to help cover costs. I predict this attitude is going to backfire big-time in the near future if things don’t change.

Fact is, I’ve already done more than my share for all of you. Even those who do not use my server, do in fact benefit from the things I’ve done throughout the past four years. There’s no escaping that fact. I’ve had my hand in almost everything. I can walk away today and owe NOTHING to any of you.

Donations are being accepted via PayPal (prefered) at the address, and via snail mail (email me for an address, and don’t tell me the check’s in the mail unless it REALLY is…another peeve of mine). If I do not get enough donations, I will refund anyone who paid by Pay Pal that wants their money back. Snail mail will not be refunded.


Owner – The Stardock BBS, aka The Home Sector

p.s. – Those who have donated in the past, while you’re welcome to donate again, I would rather see someone else donate for once. I do not believe it is fair for a VERY small percentage of my users to do the vast majority of the donating.