I’ve been working on getting the TWGS back up the past hour or so..

Had to format a drive on my computer to install a fresh copy of Win2k Advanced Server. Once that’s finished, I have some other things I need to throw on the machine for web development.

Eleq sent me the last backup of the Stardock BBS’s TWGS including all of the games we had run the last 6 months or so that it was online. So I have all of our old games…I’ll pick through those and see what I want to put online to open the server with.

It’s possible the server will be back up tonight, however, I may wait until tomorrow since I’ll be messing around with some development stuff on here tonight still.

If any problems start to occur due to my development processes, then I’ll cut them off so as not to disturb the TWGS.

That’s it for now, I’ll make a post once the server is back up!