To start it off, I lost my TWGS codes, hehe. I have my TW and TW Gold codes, but not the code for the TWGS itself.

Second…the computer still likes to freeze up on me. The CPU fan has been making some weird noises every now and again, so my guess is that the fan is kicking off every so often and the CPU is overheating and locking up.

Good news is that we have another CPU with a heat sink and fan on it lying around that needs tested. It was overheating in one of our dual processor servers, so we took it out to test it further. It seems as though the thermal paste wasn’t applied enough between the heat sink and the processor and it was overheating as well.

So I’ve reapplied the paste and the heat sink/fan and I’ll pop it into my machine sometime this evening to test it out and see how things go. I’ll keep ya updated.