BTW for those of you who started playing games on the server…if something does go wrong with the server, I’m normally at the office (been here almost 15 hours/day since we started), but some nights (like tonight) when I head home early, I won’t be able to get the server back up until 9am EDT the next day…there’s about an 8 hour window when I’m not around.

I live an hour away and can’t get to it fast…once I move closer to my office, I’ll be able to take care of things right away…and will even have monitoring setup to watch TWGS in case it goes down. If it does go down, I’ll get a page and can fix it fast. But not until I get moved into the area. 🙁

Gonna setup some other measures to let me remote reboot the server, etc. as soon as I can.

For now just bear with me if something does happen. 😉