I met Jon (Jackal) in my third Tradewars game on a small board. We didn’t say much to each other he knew I was a newbie..gave me some pointers and we went our separate ways. Many games later we met again and played and flamed each other mercifully for about a year on the bbs Evolution. Then we struck up a friendship. We found out we graduated from the same university and a kinship evolved. ( GO UCONN Huskies). Jon had a strong personality but the kindest heart of anyone I every met. If someone was in need of anything..Jon was there for them, no questions asked. But Jon had a hot temper and could flame with the best of them! (was on the receiving end of those too). I will miss the phones calls Jon made to Guard and I. He would call just to check up and make sure everything was ok.

I very seldom played with Jon but played many games against him. He loved to build those figs! He wasn’t the best player but he it was a game he loved. And he did play it well. His style was not like mine and we clashed when we did play together but it was his style and it worked. Even though Guard and I retired from Tradewars there are a few warriors we miss. And this fallen warrior will be very missed by Guard and I.

Jon now that you have landed on Stardock for the final time…remember our thoughts will always be with you. May you rest in peace.