Written by: SupG

this year’s tradewars convention is going to be held in minneapolis, mn if there is enough interest shown.

i will be hosting the event, helping with lodging information and planning activities for the 4 days of the convention.

the proposed dates of the convention are september 18th – 21st.

hotel rates in the area seem to be pretty consistant to $89 plus tax per night, but i will also be searching for more affordable options as well.

activities to be planned may include, a visit to the mall of america, valleyfair (amusement park), fort snelling (war memorial and state park; hiking, etc…), casinos, canterbury park (horse racing/card club), science museum in st. paul, various theatres and comedy clubs, and downtown nightlife.

i’m sure there are more activities that i’m leaving out that can/will be planned for the event.

computers (at least 2) will be available at my place in case people need to run turns in games.

if we can get at least 6 people to confirm and commit to a hotel stay then we can go ahead with the actual planning.

if you are interested or need more information please let me know.