I see someone shelled out the $1,500 (that’s what it was when I last inquired) for the domain name of TRADEWARS.COM finally (I knew of three other groups of people that were thinking about buying it for original TW purposes). And along with it: Trade Wars: Dark Millenium…the next step to the text-based game we all know and love. Looks like it could be really cool…but in some ways this news really disturbs me. Is this going to take the place of the text-based game that we have all become extremely addicted to over the years? I guess we’ll find out. Official site to be launched February 15th.On a different note: For a similar online game in development (Freelancer) check out this site: The Lancers Reactor (unofficial site)… This game is in a totally different league than the upcoming TW: DM game and looks to be very addicting.