Wow, people must be really bored with themselves lately. Redesigns seem to be popping up everywhere. Earlier Cruncher gave us a new front page design on her web site. Kitty Moon redesigned Kitty Moon’s Place. Timberwolf over at redid his as well. Mana Knight got some new graphics for Trade Winds, compliments of EleqTrizi’T, who hasn’t changed the look of his site in a while. From what I heard/saw Guardian is working on putting a new face on Dragons Elite with help from Cybershadow over at TW-Extreme, another web site that is working on a redesign! And of course I redesigned TRADEWARS.WS as well.Well I’m glad to see that people are working on making these sites more worthwhile and better to look at! I remember when I first started playing TW on the Internet and there were only 1 or 2 TW-related pages I could stand to look at (which is what made me decide to do my own), but now there are plenty of sites out there worth checking out on a day-to-day basis (when they’re updated <G>).