Just around a year ago the Stardock it did leave.
EleqTrizi’T took it down ..Leaving us to grieve.
The Man had,had enouph! so he took his BBS down!
And while many have tried..None have been worthy of his crown

Just recently oh lord the website followed suit..
The Home Sector was leaving the issue had taken root.
Ever the gentleman Eleqtrizi’T was there to inquire.
Should he take it down for good? Should he let it retire??
The comments that followed brought a tear to the Eye.
If you hadnt known better you’d think this “E” was a nice guy.
Our Comments it seems his decision did sway…
“And Bring back the BBS too”…was all i would say.
This game is Dying!! on the verge of being Dead.
But E can help save it..I dont care if he has a big head.
His server was a Legend and I’m not goona Stop!
Nope not until the BBS is brought back up!

He’s been flamed by the best of them..Hell he’s been flamed by me!
But he wears the flames like stripes this man EleqTrzi’t….
You can call him a dick head…I call him Easy E….
But when he brings back the BBS Mark that day in history.

Thanks to you EleQ for all you have done.
For even having the website and providing past fun.
Mistake me not for being ungrateful..
Forgive me for things in the past that seemed Hateful.
Bring back the BBS and the Title Game and Massive too
Bring back One Love…and The WTC dude.

Your Server EleQ was a Legend in time.
To not bring it back would be a crime.
The playground of the Gods is what you had created.
Agaisnt your rep…other TWGS servers are rated….
This here poem I dedicate to you,,
And if you bring back the bbs..I’ll write another one too…..

Space Ghost