I’m pretty excited about this idea…here’s Guardian’s message to the various Trade Wars forums and groups:“I wanted to say soul has come up with a great idea with his radio concept … I know BG and I have listened every night since Eleq was on as a guest .

Since I was off of work today , I decided to get one for the USO …. If everything goes well I hope to be able to give play by play on the radio of the USO for short periods of time ( basically info that is shared on fed or the logs ) … Also might have victims of the game call in and vent there frustration of being killed . I might also use it to explain details on the game or secrets …. my radio only will be up at limited times and will be posted on my page … you can currently visit at https://www.live365.com/cgi-bin/play.pls?addr=

Again SG is on with Soul tonight at his radio at https://www.live365.com/cgi-bin/play.pls?addr= ….. BG and I will be there as always and also be at Stardock BBS teleconference for laughs”

This should be VERY cool! And Guardian and Bad Girl play good music too!