For those of you that don’t already know, The Founder has struct a deal with Emtec to offer Trade Wars players ZOC registration for $40 instead of the normal $70! This is your chance to register ZOC (ahem legally) at a cheaper price and get rid of those damn naggy countdowns! Version 4 of ZOC will be out shortly and once it comes out registration will cost $45 when ordered through The Founder, so get it while it’s cheaper! All codes ordered will be good through the version 4 upgrade.Right now he has one person that has paid and needs to get at least three more paid people to place the next order. If you are interested in this deal, send $40 to The Founder via PayPal or Money Order ONLY! His PayPal/e-mail address is Orders are placed directly in Germany, so it will take about two weeks after the order is placed (four or more people) to receive your codes. I have already registered ZOC myself through The Founder and he’s a very trustworthy person. 😉 Don’t miss out!
The Founder does not pocket ANY cash from this deal. He is able to place the order directly in Germany which also helps get the cheaper price. 🙂