Necromancer’s Hard Drive just opened last Wednesday (February 14th). Here is some information I received from Andrew Bubb, the server administrator:“There are currently two games running, node size is set very high right now, I’m still waiting to see what my system can handle. The first game is 20K slightly modified, with a new planet design. Unlimited turns and 5 hour time limit. It’s somewhat of a super-sized game. A style that I’ve come across, and have enjoyed in the past few months of playing IP based TW.

The second game is a MBBS game of 5000 sectors based on what I remember were pretty much standard settings locally. 1000 turns, fairly convoluted universe, no time limit, standard starting point for figs, creds, etc. Advanced alien/ferrengi. Starts out 120 days ahead.

Both games were banged on 2/14/2001″