I’m just going to post all of these under one header. It’s easier that way…lots of new games banging recently, here’s what I have received:Stardock BBS banged “Corporation Power” last night at 7:20pm EST! The game is still fresh, get in there while you can! Corporation-based theme and new ships edits!

Timberwolf has put together a game honoring Andrew Wyatt (Aitvo) of Intergate BBS. The game is dubbed “Intergate Classic” and it will be hosted at The Deep South. The game starts TOMORROW NIGHT at 8:00pm EST! For more information on the game visit TW Gazette.

Jackal of Wolfpack fame, in conjunction with Silver Wings will be running a “Lethal Lottery Tournament” beginning April 1, 2001 (same start date as the Canadian TW Tournament). Go here to sign up and to get information. They will only be accepting 60 players!

Mission: Nighthawk BBS will be hosting a Canadian TW Tournament beginning April 1, 2001. The practice game for this tourney began last night and is currently running at nighthawk.lakehead.net. Once I receive more information on this tournament I will post it!