You’ve played MajorMUD, you’ve seen unix muds, now play the best of both worlds! Introducing FusionMUD! FusionMUD aims to recreate the feel of MajorMUD while introducing a whole new world, as well as a world creation kit to build your own with!

Today Lisa Wilson (better known as Kitty Moon in the TW community) has been selected as one of Intergate’s newest staff member in charge of World Development. Her responsibilities (in her spare time) will be to create a team of volunteers to design, and input both a fantasy and a scientific world into data files to be used with Fusion MUD! Anyone who is interested in designing a part of a world be it a city, town, forest, continent, island, house, space ship, or whatever (person place object, etc) should email her at and express your interest.

Also, I have volunteered to help out Intergate as their Marketing Lead for Fusion MUD. I will be responsible for getting the word out about Fusion MUD, in product advertisement, as well as getting the word out as to Fusion MUD’s development talent needs!