This was posted by Hekate in the various TW forums. Let’s get some help over there folks!telnet://

Come one come all to and run your stuff in game M,S, and/or T. We really need to put this updated v43 through the test so all those running corrupted servers can get stabilized.

So far 10hours and no problems, but we really need to put this version to the tests!

So, if you have ANY spare time this weekend, please log in to and run your tricks, scripts, bugs, and imagination.

Please be sure to run a game log for each game and send any problems to I will then forward the needed info and/or files to John P for fixing.

Thanks in advance for all that take the time to help in making TradeWars 2002 bug free.

ICQ: 10370329

TWGS Server

Open Sysop Access to games M,S,T
any userID with Password: tester”