Are you tired of your Trade Wars games being decided when the fat lady sings? Are you tired of your elections (and Trade Wars games) being improperly handled with the results being published before the election is even over? Are you tired of intellectual trash like Wheel of Fortune refusing to accept Canadian contestants?

That is not the Canadian way, we are not the 51st state, and as Canadians, we should have a Canadian tournament on a Canadian server moderated by a Canadian sysop with rules posted in both English and in French. We must take action!

Canadian beer is better than American beer, Canadian Trade Wars can be too. Sign up for the Canada Open hosted on Canada’s Mission: Night Hawk BBS ( The game will begin on April 1st, 2001 to celebrate Newfoundland’s 52nd anniversary as a Canadian province. Contact for more information about this tournament.

Nazwes Chaiwind
Mission: Night Hawk