For those of you that like megacorping, Prestone and Space Ghost, in conjunction with OldTimer and CoastGames have created a new game!

BIG GAME is a game where players sign-up ( and will later be hand-picked by Prestone and Space Ghost to form two large megacorps to battle one another. Once enough people are interested, they will begin picking teams one-by-one from the players who have registered.

Settings have been agreed upon by both captains and are posted at the BIG GAME web site.

They’re shooting for August 30, at 9:00 PM EDT for the game start, provided enough people sign-up by that time. At the time of this post, 30 people have signed up, making 32 total counting Prestone and Space Ghost! This looks to be an interesting game! 16-on16 at this point, hopefully more will sign up!