Normally this type of news would be reserved for the changelog page, but since it needs some explaining, I’m making a post about it here..

The Home Sector forum has a few different purposes. First of all, it’s the discussion forum for anything regarding this site and in the future, for the Home Sector BBS/TWGS once it is relaunched (yes, it IS coming back!).

Second of all, the forums will be a place for TW web developers to come together and share information with one another. There is an entire section dedicated to web development and all things related to that. The purpose of this is to promote more sites in the TW community, along with more user-friendly AND better looking layouts. So if you have a TW site OR would like to start one, head over there and check it out!

Last of all, if you haven’t noticed, this web site is running on a content management system I am writing in PHP/MySQL called twWiRED. There are also support categories for this package within the Home Sector forum. However, since the package has yet to be finished or released to the public, most of those are locked for the time being.

You can click here or follow the link at the top of this site to access the forums!