I have been asked about this a couple of times and the plans have now been set! There will be an official WTC warmup game over at Memphis TW (telnet://memphistw.org:2000)!

Currently, I’m working on getting the Home Sector BBS/TWGS back up and running sometime soon in time for the WTC. If I can’t get it online in time…or get it running properly (been having some load-balancing problems with the internet feed at this point), then the game will be turned over to Poison and Memphis TW to serve this year.

Poison has an awesome setup over at Memphis and I think he would do a great job of hosting this year’s WTC. Until things get sorted out, just enjoy the warmup game!

Settings will be exactly as they will be in the actual tournament this year, with the exception of the universe seed, so this is your chance to prepare! Date and time are posted in the “upcoming events” box on the right!