Greetings Everyone,

Not too long ago, our computers suffered major damage during a power surge. The surge devastated components throughout three different computers and made a mockery of our surge protectors. I was able to throw together parts to get two of the three machines working again, but in the end I was left with well over $700 in damaged equipment that needed to be replaced.

Without thinking twice, I made the trip out of town to a computer show where I picked up everything I needed. I returned home to find a slew of ICQ’s and emails that I did NOT appreciate. People badgering me to get the server back up, and some outright telling me I “sucked” as a sysop because of it.

I rebuilt the BBS, but decided to not resume service. Instead, I made my famous post from last month (viewable in our archives) expressing my anger over the unappreciative messages I had gotten.

Almost immediately, Bruce Davey (Dr. Bad) fired off a donation to help with the costs. Others soon followed. Within three days, I had almost half of what I needed. Overall, since then I’ve received OVER the $700 dollars needed for the computer. I put the rest of the money aside for ISP bills, put some towards my door game server (which hasn’t been deployed because I don’t own any doors), and bought a few much-needed programming books.

My wife and I would like to express our deepest appreciation for all those who have donated. The support has been absolutely overwhelming, and we cannot thank everyone enough. We are not exactly rolling in money, so every little bit helps. My wife finally understands why I love being apart of this community.

Fuseblown, I don’t know where I’d be without him. No one has any idea what kind of talent this man possesses when it comes to websites.

Thank-you everyone,
Mr. and Mrs. TriziT
Owners – The Stardock BBS, Home Sector Website

– Here is the list of those who have donated. If I forgot someone, please email me immediately. I did my best.. :    Dr. Bad, Bad Girl, Guardian, Hosem, Maverick, Leila, Dark Helmet, Corran, Black Bart, Lady Rogue, Kemper3, Animal, Darth Vader, Hekate, Lady Ice, Darkside, Hollywood, Kendrake, Lancez, G-dawg, Mega Hertz, Xerces, “We Got Duct Tape”, Spaz, Poison Arrow, Slice Wing, Kick, Brett Quinn, Devil Dog, Kidder from Alien Base, Gonzoid, Viking, Last Starfighter, Craig Castle, AlricTheMad, LordCam, Zep, Peacemaker, Dirk, Lucifer, Colebert, Macahan, Night Hawk, Atog, –{ Cowboy }–, Tweety, Kavanagh, Banano, Aitvo, Detrean, Cruncher, Viscious Beancounter and Timberwolf.

– Added Night Hawk to the list. Sorry bro!

– Added another. Who wants to apply for a SD secretary position? Thanks to Detrean for the donatiion

-Removed Soul from the donor list.

-Cruncher, Viscious Beancounter and Space Ghost have been added to the list! Forgetful, unappreciative jerks like me need to be whooped.