I just talked to Bud on the phone (he called me to inform all of you)

Bud is back in the hospital and not feeling the best at this time. He was
only supposed to go back today for some more testing and a Kemo treatment,
but things stockpiled and he wont be coming home tonight. He’s not sure at
this point how long he’ll be back in the hospital. He’ll try calling me
tonight so I can post this room number and phone#. He appreciates all our
support and hopes to thank everyone personally at the TWCON2k1.

Today’s Agenda: 3pm Surgery to replace a chest cathader, bone marrow
biopsy, other tests, kemo treatment, and what ever else arises.

He’s doing well with trying to keep his spirits up, but every prayer helps
and I keep reminding him that he’ll pull though it all and that we all love

Wouldn’t it have been nice if he had that laptop to take with him today.

Donations can be sent via www.paypal.com to:
Financial Support: xBud_69@yahoo.com
LapTop Fund Raiser: macahan@fament.com

or mail Checks or money order to:
Bud Shaull
217 S. Church St.
Clyde, OH 43410

help the fight against Leukemia – make a difference in our family.

April 29, 2001

This is for my man Aitvo:

Go here:


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