There are so many different ways to play Tradewars that to try and compile all the different strategies here would be fruitless. If you read the entire guide you should have a pretty good idea about how to go about the game. The most important thing is getting a group of players together BEFORE the game starts and assign tasks. It is NOT recommended that you play solo in any game that allows more then 1 on a corp. While it isn’t necessary to have a complete corp (all slots used) it is recommended. so for the sake of an example here is a standard strategy to play Tradewars with the goal of not only surviving but being competitive:

Split Corp

Team size: 5 (for example)

First thing is pick a CEO, this player should have a good working knowledge of Tradewars AND how to handle the day to day task of keeping the corp running smooth.

Next you will need to split up duties this is where the game may well be won or lost for your team. You need 3 evils and 2 goods. You will need to find the players that have the best ability to play evil and that’s what they do MAKE CASH (see Playing “EVIL) the other 2 players will colonize a bubble (see Playing “GOOD”) and to ship refurbs. This requires 2 separate corps working as a single team in the same area (at least in the beginning)

After the first couple of days (see Starting The Game) you will want to start building your team bubble (see Playing “GOOD”) and defending it your evil players will be making cash while the good players are planet farming, colonizing and refurbing ships.

The best way to refurb ships is buy having your goods buy Merchant Freighters at stardock and twarp tow them into the bubbles and have the evils destroy them while they are in their SST (colts) ship and gain the holds off the ships (this can be done with mules as well for larger amounts of holds)

I think when you are first starting off you keep a low profile, your corp shouldn’t draw unwanted attention to itself by talking “smack” over fedcom or by waxing toll fighters. best to stay quiet, play your game, pay the tolls and acquire assets then stomp the enemy.

The rest comes as you play, which is the great part about Tradewars, you will have to adjust on the fly. Just remember that most good players take great joy in killing off loud mouths, keep your head low and you should be OK. Let the “powers that be” fight it out between themselves and then walk in and sweep up the ashes.

If you read this guide you will have a pretty good idea of what to do in the game, the rest is up to you. Tradewars and being good at Tradewars is 90% dedication, if you take this knowledge to the game and stay dedicated, even if you suffer massive set backs, you will become a good player. You will come up with short cuts that save turns, and turns equal cash that’s how you become great, turn management.