My Choices for Captains are IF they Accept.

Prestone – He’s a favorite for too many reasons to list. That and i dont want his head any bigger then what it is already. A Proven Leader Who likes to play TW the way *I* like to see it get played.

Timborulez aka Blue Adept – One of the most Anal Retentive guys I’ve ever corped with…And you know what? One of the best Leaders i’ve EVER worked for. If you have a chance to Corp this guy you better do it.

Phoe6e aka Hekate – Never worked with her before I played USO on the draft team. Awesome Leader. Generally good attitude. Like any chick she has her time of the month too……EEEEKK just log off and come back the next day…..

Res Judicata – Funker stole my nick name in the one you love to hate. Seriously he must be a decent leader with the showing that him and is team put forth in the HHT02. I will of course have to name a back up who will have to be on his team in case he up and quits or CBY’s or something (GRIN)

The object is to have 100 players or as CLOSE to that as possible with 25 players on each team.

Each Captain will have a turn picking from a “pool” of other players. Followed by 2 rounds of trading between Captains.

Most of the Stats can be found at

So come on out and sign up!