Ladies and Gentleman I Present to you

The 2007 Battle of the Elite also known as B.O.T.E!

Where ??? telnet address Runaway Proton Twgs

When ??? Aug 04 @ 1:00pm Eastern

Who is invited ??? Every Person who owns a Valid TWGS License are invited to send a team.

Settings ??? 5000 Sectors 750 turns Stock Ships Stock Planets MBBS mode on No Delays..No Time Limits.Corp Size will be 5 Also there will be a 2 day turn bank.

Victory Conditions ??? The Winning Team must own ALL citadels And have All Sectors Figged.(100% Grid) Only one Team of 5 will be declared winners..There will be no Tie’s or Stalemates.

Other Rules??? None…No Rules about information sharing or Mega Corping.

Teams will be representative’s of thier Home TWGS.

Where do we sign up???

EIS Forums!!!