The results are in, and here are the resulting winners on their categories. We are happy to announce the winners for the 9th annual TW Awards. We are Proud to present them to all for all to see, let’s give them all the respect they are due, and jibing as well. Hehe! Now, here to present this year winners. Vulcan!

Thank you, I am pleased to announce the winners of this years TW Awards.

Remember all have done their best to get to this prestigious moment in their careers in TW. Now, without further adieu, here are the winners:
Best Overall player goes to: Kemper 3
Best Red player goes to: Hollywood
Best Blue player goes to: Snow White
Best Team player goes to: MisBehavin
Best Corp goes to: Phoenix Rising
Best CEO goes to: Dynarri/ Singularity
Best Hunter goes to: Alexio
Best Unlimited player goes to: Alexio
Best Support player goes to: MisBehavin
Best Killer goes to: Alexio
Best Farmer goes to: MisBehavin
Best Strategic player goes to: Dynarri/ Singularity
Best Solo player goes to: Alexio
Most Improved player goes to: Baited
Best New player goes to: The Butcher
Best Server overall goes to: Alien Base
Best Tournament game will have a runoff for winner between Corp Wars and
Ultimate TW
Best Game classic goes to: Hard to Find
Best Game edited goes to: Ultimate TW edits
Best Game fun goes to: Subzero
Best Sysop goes to: River Rat
Best Website overall will have a runoff between Ultimate TW and TW-Cabals
Best Website info goes to: TW-Cabals
Most Artistic Website overall goes to: Grimy Traders
Best Website function will be a runoff between Ultimate TW and EIS
Best Trade Wars forum goes to: EIS
Best Helper scripts overall goes to: TWX
Best Helper scripts Evil goes to: RammaR’s Team SDT
Best Helper scripts Good goes to: TWX
Best Helper ZTM goes to: Cherokee
Best Scripter goes to: ElderProphet
Best Script writer and Programmer goes to: ElderProphet
Best Helper Interface goes to: SWATH
Best Helper Game play goes to: SWATH
Best Script set Game play goes to: Cherokee
Best Script set Combat goes to: Oz Script Pack
Most Creative script goes to: Prometheus’ Pro Asset Check
Player inducted in the Hall of Fame is: Jhereg
Best Fed com trash talk goes to: Jester
Best Teacher goes to: Uncle Sam
Best Sportsmanship will be a runoff between River Rat and MisBehavin
Who should come out of retirement goes to: Xide