Hey all here is something for you all, who are interested, the maker of some of the screensavers I use is doing something for charity, I will Post it here, from an Email newsletter I get from him. His name is Rob, he owns Useless Creations the Website addy is:


and what he is going to do for charity is what I am posting now from the newsletter. Is this:

Hey folks!

I put this up on the website but haven’t had much of a response, so I
decided I better ask you guys directly instead.

I’m planning to shave my head on May 6th to help raise money for
charity as part of the 2006 World’s Greatest Shave, but I need your
help! Without sponsors, the whole thing is just basically me getting a
hair cut, which just won’t do!

So you can now sponsor me online and help raise money for a fantastic
cause! Money raised will care for patients and families living with
leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. And, in
case helping a great cause isn’t enough for you, if you sponsor me for
$10 or more, you can have a free registration of any of the screen
savers currently available! So not only do you help others, you get
something nifty for yourself!

To sponsor me on line right now, and time is running out so it’s best
to do is right this second, go to:


I’ll post pics on the website when the deed is done so you know I
didn’t chicken out!

Please give generously, lets make this thing worthwhile and help these
people out!

Thank you all in advance! And stay tuned, I’ve got an ultra-nifty
screen saver up my sleeve for the near future.


So, if anyone is interested, donate to his cause, and help him raise money for a good cause, and we get to see his head shaved, hehe.