Finally the BYOC is now over and the game was won by [color=red]Phoenix Rising[/color].

It was looking like it was going to be a stalemate, but in the last hours they pulled it off, and got the win. Cudo’s and Congrats to you all on the team.

The team consisted of:
Locutis – Corp Captain
Desert Fox
Uncle Sam
Vid Kid

I also would like to give Cudo’s and Congrats to [color=lime]The Neocons[/color] for giving them a strong fight till the end, they had the upper hand till the last hours of the game and had a strong game with Phoenix Rising.

The Neocons consisted of:
Stockton- Corp Captain
Jerry Falwell
Bob Dole

In all the game was strongly fought till the last few hours and was won in a Legendary Comback by [color=red]Phoenix Rising[/color]. For the next game hosted on Vulcan’s Forge, they will have the choice of edits, if they play on the next major game on the server.