Welcome to Big Game 2006!!!
“For All The Marbles”

This game will be held at Blacksun Twgs
telnet address blacksuntwgs.gotdns.com

This is the Origional Draft Game of Fame!!!

Three Captains Will choose from a list of sign ups..

Three Captains Are…….Alexio…Big D….Singularity…

There will be a Scoring system to determine the winner of the game.

20000 sectors 800 turns Exturn 9pm pacific 12 midnight eastern
Mbbs mode on
The Game will be aged 100 days.
2day turn bank

There will be 6 planets That are level 5 Shielded class M planets (known as Marbles)They will be in 6 different sectors announced on day 1 in the Game Log.

**Probably announced before game start.

The Cannons will be set to atmo 12% and Sector 6% the fuel ore will be maxed out.They will have 800 Shileds Each.
They will also be armed with 50k figs.

Each of these “Marbles” will be worth 75 points.

Each Team will start with 2 Home Planets :Type H planets maxed on Ore . And 150k figs and 10 mil in credits in each level 4 citadel

Each Home planet will be worth 200 points.

Every Player Kill or pod is worth 75 points.
*Example kill/Capture ship placing occupant in a pod and then killing the pod is worth 150 points because thats two kills.
No points for Friendly Fire.
(you cant kill or pod ur teammates for points)
Points Are only for Ship To Ship Kills. No port kills..or deaths on planets or death by mines etc etc Ship to Ship Only.

Gtorps will be too expensive to buy so farming new planets will not be a viable option.

The game will have some Turn delay so Gridding will once again be dangerous.

Also the Invisible Feature will be used so you won’t be able to see whose in the game (except for your own corpies).

Lastly We will have RED ships…
BattleShips will Match THE ISS

Havocs will have 150 holds and 1 ptorp and 25k figs 2-1 off and def odds
Colts with twarp and Holo

The Game will Start on March 31st at 10:00 pm eastern and will end on May 13th at 2359 eastern(11:59 pm).

points will be tallied and winners proclaimed.

Don’t Miss the most anticipated game of the Year!!!!

Sign up here!!!!!