The BLaST OFF Tournament has found a home for this years 2004 version! Thanks to The Stardock…and EleqTrizi’T  this years tournament will be held on a great server with a great sysop. The offical ship/planet settings can be found via the tournament web site at:
This tournament is a solo/unlimited/ladder. Basically the winner advances to another round, while the loser gets eliminated! This tournament is going to be great, alot of players are showing up to see who is really the best in Trade Wars! Slim Shady and Alexio are among the better known. With about eight other traders so far. The start date is still TBA, but it WILL be before the end of Corp Wars, and the begging of BOTE 2004. If anyone has any questions please contact me at
To sign up for the tournament go to:
Thanks to the following for all their help and support:
Dreamland Web Design
Slim Shady
creator of “Enders Game” edits
host of this years tournament
EIS Online
Thank you all! and sign up quick, spots going fast!