To start with this will be a LARGE GAME .Space Ghost will pick the 2 captians. Settings for Big Game 3 are as following…

Sign up page!

No predetermined teams….people intrested in signing up will sign up at the website and Xide and Cherokee will take turns picking from the list once signups are complete.

The Captains will have a chance to trade players who they feel wont work well together OR because of personal issue’s.

ALSO on the Sign up page!is a place for you to list anyone who would ruin your game experience by being on the same team as.. Everyone will be accommodated as much as humanly possible.

The players list will be available to be seen upon sign ups. After
registration is over I will make a list and then the 3 of us will get
together and go back and forth on picking the teams.

This game will be hosted by EleqTrizi’T
20000 sector universe
1/4 delay
6 Death Limit
no time limit
720 turns
Mbbs mode on
3day port regen
Fed parking.. enuff for everyone
Stock planet edits Except citadel times are 1/2
Ship edits will be
IC gets 200k figs and 1.5 off and def odds with 10k shields
this ship will also be very expensive
Colt gets twarp
Havoc gets 100 holds and 1 ptorp 20k figs and 4k ship shields
CFS gets 150 holds and 30k figs and 3k shields and 2 ptorps
ISS gets 255 holds

Depending on how many people sign up will depend on when we are going to start the game we are shooting for July 2nd at ??time eastern