baretop.jpg I decided I don’t have a lot of time these days to be writing custom apps for these types of things, and today’s software is so nice, I should just install something already made. WordPress fit the bill and here it is. This will replace the forums and the previous site, and comments can be made to posts here directly.

As a result of this change, and the fact that I’m admining classictw’s forums, will go away. All accounts are gone and if you want to comment on this site, just make a new account here. The login is at the bottom of the right side links. I’ll probably make it more obvious later.

The biggest result of my changes is that I’ve painstakingly gone through the old news and entered them all into individual posts, as opposed to the previous method where I just sorted them by month/year and threw them into the library. Further, I’ve expanded the history of entered posts to include TW Gazette (Timberwolf) and Kitten’s Playground (Kitty Moon/Icehawk), in addition to the Home Sector/ (Fuseblown) and Tradewars.or (Mana Knight/Bad Girl) already present. I’ve also added a few pages from Jackal’s old site, which include results of the 3rd Annual TW Awards.

If you have some old archived news, send them my way.

Because I had to enter these posts under the names of the users who made them, those accounts have already been created. If you try to register and your name is taken, contact me and I’ll send you your password.

Files – There are no files at this time. I’m still trying to decide what I want to do with them.

TWX Archives – I’d like to offload the TWX message archives to someone currently handling or dealing with TWX. If you are that person, contact me and I’ll email you a zip of the messages.

Hope you enjoy the new site and design. One thing that TradeWars has been sorely lacking is good site design. I think this new site is beautiful, hopefully you do, too.