This is just the stuff fixed so far. There could be more…

Bug: Some ports were inaccessible in games with bubbles.
Fix: The problem was created when tunnel sectors were scrambled during
bigbang. It has been resolved.

Bug: The number of active ports reported in the startup menu game stats
screen only allows 4 digits.
Fix: The display now shows 5 digits.

Change: Added global Delete Mail command, ‘:’.

NONPSERV Bug: When multiple Gold races exist within a game, it is possible for two races to have overlapping homespace areas.
Fix: Gold aliens test for existing homespace before claiming a sector for their homespace.

NONPSERV Change: Gold aliens that control planets will now evict players from any planet they control. A check for players is done each time an alien lands on a controlled planet.

Bug: For timed games that run extern at midnight, extra time is being allocated to a player who is online at midnight.
Fix: This has been fixed, and a change has been made to reset game time at midnight. Game time will no longer carry over if a player is online at midnight.

Bug: Fighters in a sector are sometimes truncated to 50,000 after an attack by a player or an alien.
Fix: The fighters are no longer trunctated to 50,000, even if there is not a planet in the sector.

Bug: If a player transfers 0 credits to another player, a message is generated. This has been exploited as a means to spam other players.
Fix: You now must transfer 1 or more credits before a message is generated.

Bug: It is possible to scan for StarDock using the Nav menu.
Fix: StarDock will not appear on the Nav menu until it has been visited.

Change: Internal Ferrengi and Alien Traders must be activated or deactivated during Bigbang. They can no longer be toggled from TEDIT.

Bug: When a player is podded while attacking a planet, a pause allows the player to remain with the planet instead of being ejected back into space.
Fix: The pause is no longer used whenever a player is repelled from the planet.

Bug: It is possible to exchange ships with a player who is not in the Citadel.
Fix: The game checks to verify that the player is still in the Citadel before completing the exchange.