Sunday, November 9th at 9am Pacific, Alternate Dimensions opens for rare Trade Wars experience. For one week, AD will be configured with extremely high defensive odds, and settings geared to making exploration diificult. In that week, the objective will be to raise as many level 4 planets as you can.

When that week is over, the game will be broken into two separate games, each with new ships, planets and settings. In one game, you’ll want to be prepared for a conservative war waged with Imperial Starships, the other, all-out terror with extremely dangerous ships and lots of unexpected surprises.

The core game will start with 1200 turns, and then 600 each when the games split.


Wednesday, November 12th, “Big Timers” opens with 3000 turns. People have been clamoring for some high turns, well, here you go. Settings to be made public when the game opens. Be prepared.