Testing is over! General impressions I get is the server is now fast and stable. On Monday, I’ll reopen the TWGS with two fresh games. The first, Phade, will be one bad mama jama based on Massive, a huge game with a ton of ships. The second game, Octane, will be a very high turn cash fest, designed to give everyone a fighting chance and be resistant to a quick win. Advertisement banners will start with more details in a few hours.

By Friday, I’ll open even more games with some fresh concepts. I’ll do my damnest to break the mold. Seems to me like there is a whole lot of boredom going on out there, and I don’t like it.

Some features of the TWGS that will be available immediately are…

Live Game Logs – This was a feature of the previous server and will be a feature of this one.

Live Backups – I’ll be running backups every 15 minutes of the games, while they are active. This might be not be bulletproof, but it’ll be decent. I have a machine and hard drive dedicated to this task seperate from the TWGS itself.

Live Dupe Checking – Another function my dedicated backup machine will do is check for dupes on the fly. You dupe, I will know within minutes. Simple as that. Again, not foolproof, but there are lots of fools who WILL get caught.

Dupe checking will be replaced in month or so with forced game registration via the website, but for now I don’t think that added hassle would be healthy for the player counts.

Oh yeah, if you’re currently playing Game W, it will continue. BTW, Game W has ZERO RULES, so dupe away.