What’s going down? No one knows. Some say JP is busy with Realm Interactive and TW: Dark Millenium. Judging by www.tradewars.com and it’s current non-existence, jack is happening over there (although who knows; I could be wrong).

Friday, Feb. 14th (today, for a couple more minutes here on the East Coast) marks the one-year anniversary of the LAST update out of EIS.

Is it time for this game to die? I realize it probably won’t, but what’s going to happen to TW? Will it move on to new hands to be maintained and updated?

I hate to be skeptical against JP and EIS, he’s an awesome guy and I commend him for a job well-done. He lost a valued helper in Rave (R.I.P.) when she passed back in November. Maybe things will pick up in the future.. but it hasn’t looked too good for the past 12 months.

What are YOUR thoughts? (please play nice)