Because BOTE is coming up (and someone else posted their opinion) I thought it appropriate to post this trader’s view of the future of the BOTE. I mean, as long as people are sharing their stupid opinions and idiotic ramblings, whats the harm of one more? But, I digress. So, the BOTE, is a game with a lush and exciting history, a throwback, if you will, to a time when most TW players had a home BBS. Back then, people were regulars here or there, and it was quite exciting to get the best from all the BBS’s, to come together and battle. This is one game that has not yet been totally perverted (as far as I am concerned). It is an exciting game, and in my mind, the only TRUE major TW tournament left. But, I digress again. So, who should host the BOTE this year? I find that an amazingly easy question to answer. BOTE belongs to Fament now, as WTC belongs to Eleq, as, USO belongs to Silver Dragon, as Chess belongs to Coast Games. Its a true testament to the belief that fellow sysops have in Macahan, that they happily ask him to run the game, even after they have won the rights to it. With any TW game, especially big ones like tournies, there is complaining and whining, as well as technical issues and rule challenges, Macahan has been there and dealt with it for so many years he has earned his place in TW history. I can’t think of any major sysops (sysops of TWGS or BBS’s with a decent playerbase) that would not trust Macahan to run the game, or at least that would publicly impugn him. No other current sysop, besides Jerry of Coastgames, has run games as large or intense as BOTE. No other current sysop has done as much work to host a game, and to resolve issues for players as Macahan has done. While my anonymous vote may not count for much with a lot of you res-eaters, I vote to host the BOTE at Fament for the 4th consecutive year. That is where it belongs. Now, its your turn, what do you think?