Friday, June 27th at 7pm Pacific Time, The Stardock BBS will open once again! However, you will not have to wait long to test the BBS. BBS testing will begin IMMEDIATELY in two stages…

The BBS is open NOW running the TWGS in demo mode. Nothing special here other than to get reaquainted with the BBS software, remember your passwords and to get a feel for the system and its speed. ALL ACCOUNTS up to September of 2001 are still active!

The next stage will be testing some new software that will allow me some control over the users of the TWGS. I hope to enforce timelimits with AUTHORITY thanks to a front-end BBS program. I also hope to finally integrate BBS-wide paging straight into the TWGS. During this phase, I will be banging some games to actually play and goof off with.

Then on Friday, June 27th, the TWGS will close and reopen with MASSIVE, the wildly popular game I closed on (Sorry about that…ok not really..), and some unlimited turn action with the brand new game, Res IBitchAlota. More games will be banged in the days after the official reopening.